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Digital Marketing Agency

Web Pro NJ will create your complete online marketing presence from the ground up if you are just getting started. If you already have a website, we will optimize it and push you to the top of the Google results pages.

We offer a number of extensive plans to enable your business to excel. These days you cannot sit back and expect customers to come to you. You must bring them to you. The only way you can do that is to develop a strong Internet presence.

Developing a powerful online marketing strategy consists of many facets, but most importantly you must have a fully optimized website, which is your “ground zero”. Your goal is new customers. Whether they find you through Facebook Ads or Google; they will all be contacting you through your website. There are no “grey” areas here. It must be right!

Other pieces of the marketing puzzle consist of Social Media Marketing like Facebook and Twitter, and Paid Ads, like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. The desired result of each of those is to get a potential customer to contact you, normally, through your website.

You can't afford to take you online marketing for granted. When it's done, and done right, your phone will be ringing. What are you waiting for? Call today!

Complete Online Marketing Services

We are a full-service Internet Solution Company. We can accommodate all of your web development needs.

Website Design

All websites are built on the Wordpress framework. We can create any type of “environment” your business calls for. Your new website will do whatever you need it to do, from a small information site, to a full e-commerce shopping experience.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO

SEO is the key to a successful website. Without it, your website is nothing more than a flier on a telephone pole. The only people that will see it, are those you send to it. We follow all Google's rules to assure that you will rank higher than your competition.

Social Media

While the most important piece of your Internet Marketing Campaign is your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms are crucial to your success. Your best advertising is other people talking about your business.

Paid Ads

With SEO, you develop organic traffic. Things like Google Adwords, where you bid on keywords that are relevant to your business, and Facebook Ads are paid platforms. Either, or both of these, can be big parts of your marketing plan.

E-Commerce Solutions

We create high-end e-commerce solutions with Woocommerce. It is built to work seamlessly with Wordpress. You can have your own Amazon or Ebay website to sell or auction products. Orders, shipping, billing, member services are all included.


Your website is not “set it, and forget it”. It must be monitored, and updated to stay on top. We keep on top of it using Analytics. In short, these metrics tell us what's working, and what's not. Whatever isn't working, we can then change, so that it is.

Recent Works

We create websites, for all types of businesses, from small basic "who we are" to full-blown e-commerce. sites.

Web Pro NJ will create a complete Online Marketing Solution for your business.

Matching Design to Your Business

State of the art Wordpress websites to present your website in the look and feel of your business. Whether you want "high-tech shiny" or "next door chic", we will match it to your business.

Complete SEO Optimization

In able to compete, and eventually surpass your competition, your website MUST play by Google's rules. It's not an option, it's the only way. We do everything possible to give you all the potential to win.

Social Media Marketing

While your website is "Ground Zero" on your Internet Marketing Campaign, Social Media like Facebook and Twitter play a HUGE part. Your website will communicate directly with these, and other Social Media platforms.

About Us

Whatever your on-line marketing needs... we have a solution!

Search Engine Optimization

Our staff are Certified SEO Specialists through Bruce Clay. They are 100% White Hat so there will be nothing but success, with so surprises down the road.

Website Development

Our Senior Web Designer created his very first website in 1999, so he has lived every step of the Internet... Before Yahoo!. Before Google. Before Social Media.

Custom Images

We have an on-staff photographer with over 20 years experience in publishing. He has hundreds of magazine layouts and covers to his credit.


Working with Web Pro NJ has been great! Jeff listened to what I wanted, answered my questions and the process moved quickly. He had my site up and running in less than two weeks. He provides professional and prompt support. In the first six months I've received a 200% return on my investment and traffic to my site is showing steady improvement. I highly recommend Web Pro NJ, for your website and marketing.

Jim White

I came to Web Pro NJ with nothing more than an idea. I had been collecting everything from records to toys for most of my adult life. I sat down with them, told them what I had in mind, and together we came up with a plan. They built the website, set up the shopping cart and even helped me sign up to Stripe to let me collect money. From there, I just kept adding products. I have even gotten orders from Europe!


A few years back, I got a phone calls where the guy convinced me I needed a website. I own an auto body shop, I just need to get customers in the place. That website did nothing for me. Fast forward a couple years, and now I know I need a website. I contacted Web Pro, and they explained why my old site wasn't doing anything for me, and what they could do to changer that. Within a few weeks, my phone started ringing.

Al Lepore

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