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We are in the video age. Everybody is walking around with a video camera in their hands. And nowhere is it more important than on your web page. Web video is growing faster than any form of media in history. Sixty-two percent of web users watch video regularly. Nearly 7 billion – yes, BILLION – are viewed across Google’s network each month. Youtube is owned by Google… see a beneficial connection here?

Video is an Engagement Object. It engages the user and lets them interact with your website. People like to be involved, be entertained, they want to click on things. And even more so; they would rather watch something, than read.

Video Engagement objects on Google are gaining more and more importance every day. Google has added it to their algorithm, so they obviously have put a high value on it. Already, when you search, a line of videos pop up in the search engine results page (SERP). In days to come, video will gain even more prominence, until it gets to the point that if you don’t have video on your web site, you may not rank at all. If 2 sites are sitting side-by-side, and they have virtually the same authority on their subject, but one has video, and the other doesn’t… which one do you think will rank?

Google is using technology that scans a Flash video and creates a transcript, that it uses to add the video to it’s index. It can also pull text that is in the video, like a domain name or crawl across the bottom.

Web Pro NJ offers complete video consulting service. We have full-service HD video capabilities, including a 2500 sq.ft. studio located directly beneath our offices. We will work with you to create a script, build a set, and shoot and edit your custom video.

Now is the time. For once, you are in the right place, at the right time. Get in early and get in quick. Let the others follow you. We can create all your engagement objects for your company to establish itself as a leader in you online niche.

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