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Supercharge Your WordPress Website

Your website has been running for a while now. A website is not meant to be “Set it, and Forget it”. Since you aren’t maintaining a monthly maintenance package for either WordPress or your SEO, it is sorely out of date. We need to get you back into the game! WordPressWordPress plugins, as well...

What Is SEO?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization consists of techniques used to bring a quantity of high-quality traffic to your website What is the purpose of SEO? To bring the right customer to your website looking for exactly what you offer. Example: You are a farmer selling apples. You don’t want people coming to your...

Why You Can’t Use Website Builders Like WIX

You see the ads all over the place offering you a free website. Once you look into a little bit, you see that although the website is free, the hosting is not. You have to pay every month to run it. Of course, everybody knows; nothing is free. If all you’re looking to do...
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