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Keyword Rich Content

While all the other factors of SEO are important, the one thing that will establish you as an expert in your field is content. The text on the page must be informative, somewhat extensive, (1000-2000 words is not unthinkable), and accurate. It must fully fit the theme of your website, or the page that is a support page for your theme. It must be loaded with keyword rich information, without appearing to be “keyword stacking”. You can not just load the page with lists of relevant keywords. The keywords must be used in a “natural” way. It must be written in such a way that makes sense, while still incorporating the keywords, long tail, and niche words. It ain’t as easy as you’d think.

Before you even type a word, you have to spend hours with you keyword research, to determine exactly what the best keywords are for your theme. For most themes you can come up with hundreds of relevant keywords. You then have to figure out which ones have the potential to bring you the most targeted traffic. You only want the traffic from the people that are looking for what you have to offer.

Content is King!

Content is King, because without great content, you have little chance for online success. We have experienced copy writers that can write your copy for you or editors that can take what you write and optimize it for the web, utilizing all the necessary keywords. Either way, it has to say what you need it to say, while at the same time working for your SEO. We will also write your ad copy for your pay per click campaign.

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