As great as WordPress is; it still needs to be maintained and nurtured to assure it’s functionality and success. With plugins, a WordPress website can do virtually anything you need it to do to promote and sell your business. However, WordPress, as well as the over 50,000 plugins that are currently available are always being updated. Often times these updates can cause conflicts that create problems with the website, sometimes even crashing the entire website. If you opt to not update WordPress or the plugins, figuring “It works in this configuration, so why bother updating?”, you run the very real risk of being infected by malware or adware. When that happens… and it will, you are really in a bad situation. The infection can run into hundreds of files, each of which will have to be cleaned. Clean-up can take days and run into the thousand’s of dollars. At Web Pro NJ, we offer a very reasonably priced monthly service, to be sure that you avoid ever having these issues.

Dedicated Monthly Support for Your WordPress Website

  • Backups
  • WordPress Core & Plugin Updates
  • Advanced Security Plugins
  • Security & Performance Scans
  • Site Monitoring 24/7
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
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