WordPress is a great platform for websites. It currently accounts for over 30% of the ten million websites on the Internet. But, as good as it is; they continue to make it better. That means with each upgrade, there may be elements that need to be updated, as well.

WordPress is open-source, meaning that the source code must is freely available and licensed in such a way that anyone can modify and share and the code.

There are millions of third-party plugins that work with WordPress to enable it to do whatever the website owner needs to do. There are plugins to make it eCommerce and to be able to run a shopping cart, charge for shipping, accept payment, monitor inventory and more. There are a myriad of themes that run on top of WordPress. They are shells that make it look the way a developer wants it to look. In short, the WordPress software is an infrastructure. Plugins are added to customize the site to ant given business.

Now, the biggest challenge is to keep all of these pieces “coexist”, and work as a team. Just as there are regular updates to WordPress, so to are there updates to plugins and themes.

With all of that; your WordPress website can fall into problems pretty easily. Not to mention: any of these things that are not updated can lead to severe security issues, which can allow the website to become infected with malware, adware and even be rendered dead.

Nothing of the Internet is “Set It and Forget It”. Changes come from all sides and must be dealt with immediately to keep the machine running smoothly and efficiently.

Wordpress Tune Up - Web Pro NJ
WordPress Website Tune-Up

Our WordPress Website Tune-Up will start by updating everything that needs to be updated. Scans will be run to determine if the website has already been infected. If it has, those issues will be cleaned up.Current security plugins will be added and configured to assure the website is clean of any viruses.

WordPress Website Tune-Up

  • Complete security & malware scan
  • Full website backup to save a copy of your valuable website data
  • Update all software – WordPress and Plugins
  • WordPress software upgrades for better security & the latest features
  • Scan & fix broken links for better SEO
  • Website evaluation, health report & recommendations
  • 2 hours of support, design, & development time to help fix any issues & install key recommendations
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